Social Media Strategy for Artists

Social media for artists is much the same as any business. Except artists are notoriously underpaid and can’t afford to pay for advertising the way corporations can. Artists need to use any means of free marketing they can get. Using social media in an informed and purposeful way is a great start.

Why Social Media?

Social media is also useful for networking. Keeping contacts within your medium will provide you with a way to connect, and keep you in the know. You should always be keeping up with the latest events, auditions, news, styles, etc. The more you know the more you can use that knowledge to leverage your game.

Which Platforms?

Content Consistency

I can look ahead to see which holidays and events are coming up to create content around them. This allows you to have a month-long lead up to an event — it’s all planned and scheduled, you just have to follow the calendar. However, do leave some room to react to current events and trending news. This helps keep your content relevant to your followers.

When prepping content you will first need to find your brand voice, and stick to it. Creating a brand filter will help you define what kind of voice you want to use; will it be casual or formal? Edgy or straight? Confident but not arrogant? Gentle but not apologetic? Use the audience you want to reach, as well as the image you want to put into the world, to help you answer these questions and craft a consistent message.

Down to Business

A note on paid advertising on social media for artists:
Social platforms allow for very specific targeting of ads, and can be beneficial if you target the right audience with the right ad. Advertising an event like Art Battle to people who are interested in painting and live close-by might get you a good return on your investment. However, since artists are notoriously underpaid I suggest sticking to content marketing as much as possible.

Hi! I'm an artist and writer, currently working as a marketer for Ballet BC. I write reviews of theatre and dance shows in Vancouver, and sometimes books, too.